Friday, 22 July 2011

Tea, please!

I didn't used to like tea very much when I was younger.  I was around 10 or eleven when I discovered if I didn't put sugar in it, I liked it a lot more.  That's when my love/hate relationship began with sugar, but that's another story.  This one is about tea - all kinds of tea.

I was 18 when I won a competition in a magazine that was really a promotional thing for PG Tips - a free holiday to Sri Lanka and India.  We were given private visits to tea auctions, tea plantations and also tea-tasting.  The tea was fragant and delicious and that's when my love affair with it began.  I drink a lot of tea - black, green, white and (almost) every herbal tea that has ever been concocted.  For me, there's nothing like a freshly brewed jug of kukicha tea - or used to be.

I recently discovered the Pukka herbal range.  As luck would have it, I can obtain it in two local places (although I'd happily travel north, south, east and west to get my fix); one of them is the Mercearia da Aldeia in Janas, which just so happens to be my favourite grocery store too.  This week I spotted a new tea which has now become number one on my list:  licorice and cinnamon - delicious!

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