Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dyson animal

It's almost a year now since I bought the Dyson Animal - it's a vacuum cleaner for homes with pets - and I have to say I think the job it does is fantastic.  This is one of the attachments:

It lifts hairs of cushions like nobody's business and in a flash.

Once I'd finished the cushions yesterday, I noticed that in holding the cushions a lot of hairs had transfered to my trousers and top; for a reason that totally eludes me know, without hesitation I turned the head to vacuum my clothes.  I obviously didn't count on the strong suction or the whirring brush and two seconds later I gave a loud yelp.  My youngest, who witnessed the whole scene, roared with laughter (since when does a parent get sympathy when he/she does something daft?).  I am grateful that by dinner he had seemingly forgotten the incident and didn't mention it to the rest of the family.