Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A passion for cartoons and wasabi crackers

I love cartoons and have an enormous respect for cartoonists.  In a few scribbles of the pen and even fewer words, he/she manages to put something on paper that can either make me laugh out loud, cry with laughter or snort-laugh.

I recently discovered I also love wasabi crackers after my curiosity led me to buying some from a local shop to try out.  One taste and one whole packet later, I was hooked.

Yesterday, I linked my two passions together: nibbling on some wasabi crackers whilst looking at a Savage Chicken cartoon:

I rapidly discovered that wasabi crackers and snort-laughing don't go well together.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The beauty of simplicity

Promotional video from Turismo de Portugal:

The things kids say

Another tip would be to check twice to make sure a toddler isn't within ear shot when you start cursing a wardrobe you're trying to put together. My eldest, then aged 2, upon seeing his grandma putting towels away in the newly-mounted wardrobe, proudly said "this is shit, isn't it grandma?!"