Friday, 7 December 2012

Taking an early morning nap...

... not me, the dogs. 

I am amazed how they can wake up in the morning, stretch a bit, eat, pop outside to do their you-know-what, and then promptly collapse in the living room for some more shut eye.  It's a hard life.

Nina, our small teckel, always has a place either on my lap or by my side on the sofa.  

Daisy likes to be there too but Nina isn't always ready to share me and Daisy has to sneak up when Nina is already in the land of nod. 

Ben, being much larger than the other two and too big for my lap, is usually curled up at my feet on a cushion.  Sometimes he forgets he is too big for my lap and will climb up on top of me. 

Which is just what he did yesterday... climbed on my lap while I was having my breakfast coffee.  When I had to slide out from under him to let Daisy in from the garden, he stayed put on the sofa, deciding sleep was more a priority than trying to keep me pinned to the sofa. Daisy obviously thought she should join 'em and was settled on the sofa before I'd had a chance to walk back into the room...

Ben completely ignored any suggestion on my part to vacate his comfy spot and move to the floor by pretending to be asleep.  The look from both Nina and Daisy was to just make sure I wasn't about to suggest something similar to them.  
Nap time was resumed and I ended up on the cushion on the floor - well, it was three against one, so what was I supposed to do!

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