Tuesday, 11 December 2012

On baking bread - again

I was warned about becoming hooked on making bread by hand but never expected to be this bad... I start thinking about which recipe to experiment with as soon as my eyes open in the morning. 

I'm still perfecting the tecniques and shaping the bread but the results have astounded me - all I want to do is keep making more!!

Hmmmmmm.... perhaps I was a baker in a previous life?!

Fortunately, my kids have inherited the Portuguese bread-gene of eating bread at anytime of the day or night - and at every meal I might add - otherwise we'd be up to our knees in rolls and loaves of all shapes and sizes!

And fortunately,  I'm content with just a taster of warm bread with a smidgen of butter, otherwise my hips would be too large to get through the kitchen door!

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